I am a designer/developer based in NYC with a degree in Art History from Swarthmore College. My experiences include: Art/Creative Direction, Graphic/Communication Design, Interactive Design (UI/UX/Web), and most recently front-end web development. I think in terms of products, experiences, and brands. In the past few months I have designed websites, mobile apps, and interactive branding packages for high-profile, visually-oriented clients including designer swimwear brand Onia, New York University, and sought-after Manhattan fashion makeup artists Victor Henao.
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I am a minimalist, functionally-minded designer with an eye on the importance of aesthetics. I understand that beauty comes from a combination of function and fashion (so to speak), and always strive to create things that work well but are also beautiful to just look at. My personal passion/obsession is the world of images, art, photography, and visual communication. I grew up blogging religiously, and have come to appreciate and value the role images play in my life and design process. For a while I was building a site that allowed users to dialogue with each other using only images and videos. After that I attempted to design something like iTunes for images. I am an avid art enthusiast and garner a lot of inspiration from the art scene I am a part of in NYC. When it comes to work I am a deeply passionate person. Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio.

Two last things:

In everything I design + build I strive for excellence,
and try to create something a bit...

Secondly, I am entirely obsessed with
looking at found images & art

Vincent Fournier<br>from The Space Project (2008) I Don't Want to Be a Zombie<br>Album Cover (1983) Margaret Durow<br>2010 Jonathan Waite<br>oil on canvas (2006) Jared Soule<br>Fireworks (2005) unidentified<br>(-) Yeasayer<br>Song Artwork (2010) Chadwick Tyler<br>Suvi and Tyler (2006) Phillip Lowe<br>Lucite Sculpture Stephan Zirwes<br>from Snowfields (2010) Edward Weston<br>Nude on Rug (1945) Richard Mosse<br>from Infra (2011) Giuseppe Arcimboldo<br>Spring(1527-1593) Carlos Nunez<br>2008



I was hired to design and build a new portfolio site for top NYC makeup artist Victor Henao. My two primary goals were to focus attention on his work and create a fun user experience. The result: A fully responsive single-page site with keyboard controls, swipe gestures, and nice side-to-side sliding screens.

-Website design & build
-Identity (minimal)
-Portfolio curation


PAW PARKS (2013)

Although this project is still in its infancy I’m excited about the direction it’s taking. I was hired to create an MVP of a web app that connects NYC dog owners and helps them get to dog parks more often. Below is some of my intial concepting and logo design.

-Website design & front-end dev.
-UI/UX for Mobile site

ONIA (SEPT. 2011 - APR. 2013)
Art Director & Lead Designer

As the art director and head designer of a rapidly growing luxury swimsuit company I rarely had a free moment around the office. The youngest member of a 5 person team, I was the designated “creative” and handled any and all design-related tasks.

My responsibilities included: product and packaging design, photo shoots (lifestyle & studio), website design, comunication design (monthly newsletters and social media), office & tradeshow booth design, private label design projects (including The Ritz Carlton and Free People), and pop-up shop design.


A few other things from along the way


An online photo publication

I joined up with visual artists Bruno Levy and Arpana Rayamajhi in the summer of 2012 with the simple premise of sending disposable cameras to interesting individuals around the world, asking them to shoot 24 hours of their life, and publishing the results on our website. A year later we’ve published 56 cameras coming from 19 different countries.

The project was recently covered in WIRED (link) and we and are looking towards our next major step, releasing an iPad Newstand app in the near future.


A Photo-Sculpture Installation
Swarthmore College

Photographs play such a large role in my life and I was curious to know what it would be like to take process of trying to describe life through photography one step further. I photographed several objects from various angles, created replicas of them out of cardboard, and then combined them to create photo-sculptures. The entire project was conceptualized and executed within the course of a week, with the help of my dear friends Nick Brown and Kate McNamara, and a very patient employee at the CVS photo counter.



A few random creations from along the way


Thank you again for taking the time to review my application. This portfolio site was designed and built by yours truely. Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver. Nearly all code was written from scratch, aside from some helpful plugins: Waypoints, Sticky, and Cycle.

Fonts used:

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